15 Really Cool Rilakkuma Accessories

15 Really Cool Rilakkuma Accessories

It's been established that Rilakkuma is the cutest bear in town, but now he can help make you the cutest, by being involved in all sorts of accessories. Whether it's the bag you keep all your books and necessities in, or if it's one of those necessities, like overnight contact holders, he's got you all set. There's even some office supplies in there, because he is just oh-so-versatile! Make sure you check them all out and feel free to add them to your holiday wishlist!

Buy it here: Rilakkuma World

Buy it here: Ali Express

Buy it here: Bambuzo

Buy it here: Mod Cloth

Buy it here: Modes4u

Buy it here: Strapya World

Buy it here: Things From Japan

Buy it here: Cool Pencil Case

Buy it here: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Buy it here: Neato Shop

Buy it here: Kawaii Case

Buy it here: Luulla

Buy it here: Dream Kitty

Buy it here: J-List

Buy it here: Modes4u

Which ones made your wish list?

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