Florida Parents Arrested After Tasing Their Kids With A Stun Gun For Punishment

Florida Parents Arrested After Tasing Their Kids With A Stun Gun For Punishment

Image via New York Daily News

“Spare the rod, spoil the child” is a popular saying when it comes to parents disciplining their kids, but these parents took it way too far!

News-Press.com reports that Florida parents, Joshua Pierre Louis and Roxanne Paduani, were discovered to be using a stun gun to discipline their four children!

The two were arrested in Lehigh Acres, Florida on Thursday, March 3 on child abuse charges after someone called the Florida Abuse Hotline on the parents.  "They were using it as a tool to deter the children from misbehaving," stated the county sheriff's office report. "The stun gun inflicted pain compliance on the children and left visible marks on two of the children."

After receiving the call from the anonymous caller, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) quickly contacted the sheriff’s office. According to the sheriff’s report, one of the children told a case coordinator with the Children's Advocacy Center that Joshua "shocks us with the Taser when we are bad.” The report continued that the children “described being bad as screaming." The kids later showed visible scars, with one having a mark on the lower left stomach, and another having a mark on the upper right chest.  However, Roxanne denied that they even touched the children with it, instead stating that they sparked it once as a warning to one of the kids.

There have been no reports to the ages or genders of the children, but, thankfully, they are in safe hands now. "The four children have been sheltered and are currently with relatives," said Natalie Harrell, a DFC spokeswoman. 

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