Mars is in Scorpio and it's Fiery. What Does this Mean for Your Sign?

Mars is in Scorpio and it's Fiery. What Does this Mean for Your Sign?

Mars has decamped to Scorpio for an extended visit that will last for much of 2016: it will be here until March 6th before making a short visit to Sagittarius only to retrograde back into Scorpio in May, staying there from the end of the month through the beginning of August. This is a long time for Mars to visit any one sign, and promises that 2016 will see a lot of fireworks, for better or worse.

Since November 12th, headstrong Mars has been occupying peace-loving Libra, and been extremely uncomfortable there. When Mars is in Libra it is in its “detriment”—this means that because Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, which is Libra’s opposite sign, there is a real disharmony and draw towards passive aggressive behavior when these two meet up in the sky.

Mars is much happier here than in the harmonizing sign of the scales. This is aided by the fact that the fiery warrior planet is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, along with Aries, but in the 20th century the sign of the scorpion became the vassal of Pluto, and their connection was lessened. Despite the severed relationship, these two heavenly bodies still share a very real bond, and when they come together it is nothing short of fiery and intense; Mars is after all the passionate warrior planet, and Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac, so when combined they can create powerful, combustible energy that is obsessive and deeply felt.

Mars in Scorpio energy is combustible energy; now that they’re together all the momentum that’s been building for the last two months is going to get expressed with needle sharp precision. Mars has had to compromise a lot while it’s been touring Libra, but that ends now—for Scorpio there is no compromise, and playing fair falls far behind winning. Scorpio is provocative, so it will feel like people are pushing the boundaries further than ever before, eager to get what they want, and if anyone gets in their way—look out!

All this energy could get expressed in a rather different manner: Mars is also the planet of sex (Venus rules love—astrology knows the difference), and Scorpio is the sign of sex so put the two together and…well, let’s just say there’s a reason that those born with Mars in Scorpio are known for having the most exciting and passionate sexual adventures. During this transit don’t be surprised if things heat up in the bedroom—just be aware that when Mars retrogrades later this year that partner who pushed all your passionate buttons might fall short in many other ways. It’s also important to play safe: sexually transmitted diseases are more likely during this time, so take care of yourself and your partner. Know what you’re getting yourself into—Scorpio doesn’t accept mistakes lightly, so think twice before you wrap someone around your finger—or vice versa.

This post was originally published on ASTRAL & OPAL