Police Killed Couple Sleeping In A Car Claiming They Felt Threatened...Family Wants Answers

Police Killed Couple Sleeping In A Car Claiming They Felt Threatened...Family Wants Answers

This Inglewood, CA couple was murdered in cold blood by police.

Marquintin Shandlin, 32, and Kisha Michael, 31, were murdered when police initially claimed there was some sort of a standoff. 

However, Mayor James Butts Jr. said in a press conference that they were called to the scene because the couple was unconscious and that upon discovery, “the officers retreated, isolated the vehicle, and spent about 45 minutes attempting to rouse the occupants and to deescalate the situation.”

The officers claimed that Michael was holding a gun in her hand and posed a threat. LA activist, Najee Ali posed critical questions in response to these details, “To this day, police officers have not said whether she pointed the gun at them or if she was a threat.... Also, her friend, her companion, was unarmed. Why was he shot?” She said to the Los Angeles Times.

Michael was a single mother of 3 and Shandlin was a single father of 4. The two were coming back from a date and it’s suspected they had a bit too much to drink which lead them to stop their car near Manchester and Inglewood.
Trisha Michael, Kisha’s sister insists that her sister has never owned a gun. “I feel she was gunned down… I feel like they are not telling us the whole story.”

The incident happened in late February, but nearly three weeks later, no new details have emerged.

We will definitely stay tuned to see what details emerge and how justice will be brought to these two individuals and the 7 children between them that are now left totally parentless.

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