She Was Attacked In A Parking Garage....But Saved By Shooting Attacker In the Neck Herself

She Was Attacked In A Parking Garage....But Saved By Shooting Attacker In the Neck Herself
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A woman in Louisville, KY was spotted, stalked and attacked in public by a violent stranger last January.  She was able to escape with her life by using her handgun on the assailant. Most of the harrowing incident was caught on surveillance cameras, and the images are chilling.

It’s news now because details were only just released and the criminal, John Ganobick, is going to court to face charges on March 16.

Here’s what happened, according to a police narrative that goes with the video and images. (Note: the police refer to the woman as “the victim” – but we beg to differ!)

The first video shows the woman entering the elevator car, with Ganobick right behind her. “The victim asked the suspect what floor he needed, and the victim described the suspect as being out of it, possibly high or drunk, but when he said the sixth floor [same as hers], the victim stated she became nervous."

“When the elevator opened on the sixth floor, the victim stated she began to run to her vehicle, which was parked about 10 spots away from the elevator. The victim stated the suspect gave chase.”

What the woman and police said happened next is not captured on video, but described in the narrative. She was able to get to her car, but when she was trying to get in, the man hit her on the head from behind. He then forced her into the vehicle, where she fell against the center console with him on top of her. He then pulled a knife and demanded she give him all her money.

“The victim stated she was afraid that she would be raped or murdered and as she fell across the passenger seat of her vehicle, she was able to reach into her purse and grab her gun and attempt to fire a shot at the suspect. Fearing for her life, the victim kept pulling the trigger of her gun, which finally fired, and struck the suspect in the neck.” He started to run off, but she kept firing and caught him in the butt.

A video camera on the first floor of the parking garage shows the injured attacker coming out of the stairwell. A passerby noticed the blood on the man and called 911.

Photo: WHAS11

“I've got a gentleman here who’s bleeding from the neck and says he’s been shot. There’s another gentleman here who heard two shots fired,” the caller reported.

Louisville Metro Police officers responded, but it’s not known yet what the man said or what transpired when they interviewed the woman. However, evidence photos show that officers recovered a rusty steak knife in the stairwell, and that they recovered the woman’s gun, for which she had a concealed carry permit.

Police arrested John Ganobick and charged him with attempted murder, kidnapping and criminal mischief. The woman he attacked suffered multiple injuries but was, at the time, expected to recover fully.

What does this incident make you think on the issue of gun control – are you for it, or do you think this was just a lucky, isolated incident?

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