What You Should Know About Mercury Retrograde: January 5-25

What You Should Know About Mercury Retrograde: January 5-25
The Tarot Lady

People tend to grimace and groan when they hear Mercury is entering a retrograde pattern, but it doesn’t have to be a total headache if you actually work with Mercury Retrograde as opposed to against it. When dealing with this astrological transit it’s important to remember the re part. Retrograde invites us to return to areas of our life that could stand a going-over: to revise, reorganize, and regroup. Old friendships, old medical concerns, old creative projects—whatever part of our chart Mercury is retrograding through, the universe is encouraging us to return to issues which may have moved ahead so fast we lost control of them, or simply to reignite an old standing friendship that, no matter how dear, may have been pushed to the back burner. It’s even a good time to finish up those books on your bedside table that you worked halfway through then forgot about. You get the idea!

The flipside of this is of course the more dreaded aspect of Mercury Retrograde: it makes it extremely difficult to move forward with new ventures. Well, sometimes in order to take a few steps forward you have to take one step back, so use this time to slow down, take stock of your situation, and get all your ducks in a row before you charge off into your next project in February.

Now, I get that you can’t exactly put everything on pause for three weeks—contracts can’t be put off indefinitely and you can’t hold off on responding to those emails to your boss until next month just because Mercury decided to take a nap. Go ahead and send that email and if you must sign that contract then you must, but remember that things are more likely to require change down the road, so work with a margin of wiggle room the best you can. That meeting you set up for mid-February might have to be rescheduled at the last minute, or a client you thought you had clenched may suddenly decide everything you two discussed is actually totally not what they want. Yeah, it’s a headache.

This January Mercury will be retrograding through no-nonsense Capricorn—well, it’ll pop into Aquarius briefly for a day or two, then back up into the sign of the Sea Goat (I didn’t choose it). Capricorn is the patron sign of hard work and elbow grease, so look to projects that you’ve been toiling away at for some time—can you approach it with a different view? Does it need some retooling? Sometimes we need to take some time away from a project before we can approach it again and progress. The upside of this is that Mercury—whose flippant and fickle ways are anchored down more firmly in steadfast, reliable Capricorn, will be in a great position to get things done without much fuss. You won’t feel the desire to engage in office gossip (which is good because during Mercury Retrograde that kind of thing can come back to bite you in the ass!), so get your nose to the grindstone and get back to work.

And be patient!!!

This post was originally published on ASTRAL & OPAL